Service Check List

Detailed checklist for servicing a car

Checking all parts of the car involved in driving with the aim of making the car run reliably, safely and efficiently. Below are some of the main checks made:-

Full service

The Full service would involve, in addition to a short test drive, the following

  • Changing oil, oil & air intake filters.
  • Checking all other fluid levels & topping up as required
  • Check all lights functioning
  • Checking the frost protection of the engine coolant & adjusting as necessary
  • Checking the brake fluid % water content.
  • Checking the output/health of the alternator, starter & battery & providing a printout.
  • Checking the condition & operation of all braking components(with road wheels removed)
  • Set all tyre pressures inc spare & reset tyre monitoring system(where present)
  • Lubricating all clevis, striker & pivot points around & under the body.
  • Checking for under body leaks -especially transmission & components.
  • Clear out front water scuttles & check rainwater drains are clear(to prevent water ingress into car)
  • Checking the auxiliary drive belt tension/condition, & operation of driven components.
  • Checking the camshaft drive belt condition(if fitted and accessible)
  • Connecting diagnostic software & interrogating the ECU fault logs.
  • Carry out a short road test to access engine operation/braking judder/clutch performance/suspension noise
  • Reset service indicator (if present)
  • stamp service booklet.

Interim Service

The Interim service mainly differs from the full service in that the air filter is not changed and the wheels are not removed so brakes can only be checked visually from outside the wheels. The inner brake pad is not visible without removing wheels.

Optional Upgrades

Optional upgrades for items that are not due annually are:

  • Brake fluid change – advised every 2 years but necessary when water content gets high
  • Cabin/pollen filter – due @4 years or when de-misting becomes poor.
  • Spark plugs – due every 4 years/48000 miles (subject to manufacturer)

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