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Vehicle Servicing

The MOT test is specified by the government and is all about safety; both for you the driver and other road users. Servicing a car is about keeping your car reliable, safe and functioning well. Ask about our fixed price servicing.

Our standard full annual service includes: Changing the oil and filter, checking and replacing air filter, Other filters/additional work are advised depending on the mileage of the car and the condition as seen at the time of service and manufacturers guidelines. Checking and topping up all fluids, testing the battery, lights and tyre pressures. Removing the wheels checking/cleaning and reassembling brakes. Checking car over for any issues both on and off the ramp, providing a 34 point report on the car. Anything else will be reported to you before doing additional work. So there are no financial surprises.

The interim or basic service is ideal for the moderate mileage car and many of our customers perform this between the main service. As well as changing the oil and oil filter, the interim service includes checking and topping up all fluids, checking lights and tyre pressures. Checking the car over for any issues both on and off the ramp, providing a multi-point report on the car. Anything else will be reported to you before doing additional work. So there are no financial surprises.

As a bare minimum we would recommend changing the oil and oil filter once a year regardless of mileage. We can offer a simple road worthiness check-over checking all the tyre pressures, fluid levels, lights, wipers and in winter checking the battery and anti-freeze.


Vehicles that only do short journeys or infrequently driven rarely get the engine to working temperature and build up a lot of water in the oil, making it less effective?

For all other work on your car we are happy to quote. The cost of parts and the labour time varies tremendously from one model to another, so just provide us with the vehicle registration for a no obligation estimate. We use industry approved software to look up the labour times on jobs. Don’t forget to mention if your vehicle is manual/automatic, if it has an electronic parking brake or air-conditioning. We can do most jobs including brakes, Cambelts, Clutches, exhausts, in fact it is easier to suggest you ask us what we cannot do.


** For all services don’t forget the service book and locking wheel bolt tool / socket **

Quality of parts

As we want you to be satisfied with every job done and to return to us in the future we choose the parts suited to the task. For new cars still under manufacturer’s warranty we would recommend using original equipment OE specification parts. To maintain a Main Dealer warranty you must use the correct parts and lubricants and ensure the service meets manufacturer’s specification but it does not have to be carried out by the main dealer themselves.


you don’t have to go to or buy your parts from the main dealer to maintain manufacturer’s warranty. The parts they sell are identical to the ones we can buy but often badged or boxed with their logo. Simply put – main dealers don’t manufacture parts themselves.

Vehicles outside warranty or for customers working to a budget we will often shop around to find the part that will do the job at a sensible cost. All parts come with a minimum of one year’s manufacturer’s guarantee. Our experience tells us when a better quality of part is required to complete a job satisfactorily.

Free Local collection & delivery service is available either with you to hand the keys over – or if it’s more convenient, drop the keys off to us in advance and we can manage the collection and delivery of the vehicle.

Can’t be without the car? Then consider booking a free courtesy car.


Also known as the Timing Belt or Chain, regulating the timing that all parts turn within an engine to ensure the combustion is synchronised. Some vehicles have chains and some have rubber belts which should be changed based on the manufacturer’s specification either on mileage or age depending which comes first. In some cars the cambelt runs the waterpump and it can be advisable to change this at the same time. To advise you properly we generally need to know your engine code – the first 3 letters of your engine number on your log book. Often we can get the information directly from the registration plate. Please call us to advise.


should your cambelt or timing chain fail whilst driving it causes catastrophic internal engine damage?

Specialist Services

On very rare occasions there are very specialist jobs which require particular diagnostic equipment or tools. On these occasions we will happily help to liaise with the relevant specialist selected from our valued partner directory to ensure the job is completed satisfactorily.



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